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There's a reason some journal entries should remain private...


10 Days

733a892400f09998c6212393cb94cae8?s=50 Andrea Alton

There's a reason some journal entries should remain private, but Vanessa Hidary bares her soul with dark humor and brutal honesty in 10 DAYS. Between wine, spin class, coffee with mom, and OkCupid, it's hard to find time to think, let alone create art, but the Hebrew Mamita expertly crafts a poignant and hilarious story of living and loving in New York City.

Written and performed by VANESSA HIDARY

"Raw strength, sheer vulnerability, witty charisma, thug stance passion, rose-petal fragility, good-girl-gone-bad, or bad-girl-trying-to-stay-good, Vanessa Hidary aka The Hebrew Mamita embodies it all and then some" – Black Star News

10 Days

  • 733a892400f09998c6212393cb94cae8?s=50
More Event Info (http://www.terranovacollective.org/)
$20 in advance, $25 at the door. Save event for more information and special offers
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