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Two artists documented the changing landscape of 125th street in Harlem over 4 years

Small_5a1cf138eed69c941c5b29e826e2d3a8 Claire Oliver Gallery

"125th: Time in Harlem" is a four-year collaborative effort by Isaac Diggs and Edward Hillel to document the changing landscape of 125th street in Harlem.

125th: Time in Harlem was conceived not as a political statement but as vehicle to invite discussion and investigate the role of Community in America today. Diggs and Hillel have trained their camera on Harlem's “paradox of place” during a time of profound transition; Harlem is confronting challenges of urban flux, gentrification, the loss of cultural memory and the preservation of community. The tension between the everyday reality of its streets - often contentious and always complex - and the cultural brand it has established in our collective imagination is inscribed in these Artists' large format photographs.

- http://www.claireoliver.com/press/70/01_125th%20Time%20in%20Harlem.pdf

Diggs & Hillel: 125th:Time in Harlem

October 24 – November 23, 2013

Claire Oliver Gallery (513 West 26th Street, New York, NY) Map it Free

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