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An Art Benefit for the Lesbian Herstory Archives featuring work of 140 Lesbian Artists.

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To inaugurate the Lesbian Herstory Archives' year-long 40th anniversary celebration, we are holding an Art Benefit hosted by Johannes Vogt Gallery in New York, NY, co-sponsored by Alexander Gray Associates. We invite you to be part of celebrating the Archives’ 40th year of gathering and preserving lesbian lives and culture for future generations.

The event will feature:
• Work by 140 lesbian artists.
• All those who purchase a raffle ticket will leave with an original work.
• Artists, curators, gallerists, collectors, and art lovers will be present.
• Moe Angeles, Ashley Brockington, Robin Cloud, and Kay Turner will emcee and entertain the crowd.
• Alexander Gray Associates will be hosting us with an all vegan reception.

- http://www.lesbianherstoryarchives.org/artbenefit2013/

40th Anniversary Lesbian Herstory Archives Art Benefit

Friday, December 6, 2013 4pm, 6:30pm


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