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At this annual celebration of fungus, learn how to spot and prepare local wild mushrooms

Editor Pick
Editor Pick

They may not seem like much more than toppings for pizza or fodder for lawnmowers, but fungi is actually one of the most exciting kind of organisms on the planet. From hallucinatory psilocybin to the world’s largest organism, a 605 ton honey fungus in Oregon, there’s more to fungi than meets the eye. Did you know there’s a fungus that can be used as a non-toxic means of pest extermination? And whatever you do, don’t look up cordyceps unless you plan on having very unpleasant dreams. And, to top it all off, they’re tasty as hell. At the Mycological Society of San Francisco’s 44th Annual Fungus Fair, learn about the delicacies that are springing up from the soil and sides of trees all around you, how to spot edible wild mushrooms and how to prepare them.

Cooper Berkmoyer Editor

44th Annual MSSF Fungi Fair at the San Francisco Fair Building

Sunday, December 8, 2013 10am – 5pm

San Francisco Fair Building (1199 9th Avenue, San Francisco, CA, United States) Map it $10

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