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A retrospective of all 13 of Kubrick's feature films, plus A.I.

Editor Pick
Editor Pick

The director may have met his maker some 14 years ago, but Stanley Kubrick's legacy is still alive and well. For film buffs that find themselves in Los Angeles in the next few months, a visit to LACMA's monumental Kubrick exhibit is must. But if you're like us and trapped in New York, IFC Center has put together a retrospective of his feature films, which culminates in the release of "Room 237," a new documentary about the perceived meanings of "The Shining." Over the course of the nine-day series, get acquainted (or reintroduced) to masterpieces such as "Dr. Strangelove," "2001: A Space Odyssey," and "A Clockwork Orange," all in 35mm prints or digital restorations. Plus, "AI, Artificial Intelligence," a Kubrick project completed by Spielberg postmortem, has also been thrown into the mix. It's easy to get lost in today's 3D madness, but a series like this reminds us what great filmmaking really is.

Mindy Bond Editor

The Films of Stanley Kubrick

March 20 – 28, 2013

IFC Center (323 Sixth Avenue New York, NY ) Map it $13

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