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A workshop at downtown's famed reVamp focusing on vintage hair & makeup of the 1950s.


1950s Vintage Hair & Make-up Workshop

reVamp (834 South Broadway, Los Angeles, CA) Map it $50

Three hour workshops at the reVamp Salon will cover period appropriate hair styling and makeup application. Space is limited to 10 people.

The hair styling portion of the class is directed by Sandra D. from Cappella Salon. You will learn how to set your own hair in a period appropriate style. Methods that may be covered are Marcel waves, 1940s rolls, and pin, brush, or rag curls. A photo of a hairstyle that you would like to learn how to set is recommended, but not required.

You will need to bring the following hair products:

Setting lotion (available in the African American hair care sections of any drug store)
Hair pins
Alligator clips - 1-2 dozen (available at beauty supply stores)
Bobby pins
Pin curl clips - 1-2 dozen
Pony tail holders
Spray bottle filled with water
Hair dryer
Mason Pearson brush or soft paddle, boar bristle brush
Rat tail comb
Teasing comb
Soft hold hair spray
Stand up mirror

For Makeup Application:
In partnership with Besame Cosmetics, this portion of the class will teach you how to apply your own makeup. Proper period appropriate application of foundation, powder, eyelashes, eye shadow, rouge and lipstick will be covered using Besame's historically accurate makeup.

You will need to bring your own foundation & lipstick brushes, a free standing, portable makeup mirror as well as eyelashes & eyelash glue.

Karin E. Baker, Editor

1950s Vintage Hair & Make-up Workshop

reVamp (834 South Broadway, Los Angeles, CA) Map it $50
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More Event Info (http://www.revampvintage.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Store_Code=reVamp&Category_Code=Events)
Please call to reserve a space 213.488.3387 Save event for more information and special offers
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