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A week's worth of synapse-stimulating events

Editor Pick
Editor Pick

Making science cool and understandable is a continuing challenge. But thanks to Vince Gilligan and his hit show Breaking Bad and events like the Imagine Science Film Festival, the inaccessibility level is dropping. Now celebrating its 6th anniversary, this eight-day operation takes place at venues across the city (and New Jersey) and includes feature- and short-length films, panels, and receptions. With this year's theme being how data is translated into cinematic stories, the learned film fete kicks off with a conversation and shorts program exploring our rapidly changing computer-processed world. Other highlights include an evening honoring Buckminister Fuller; Eve Sussman's whiteonwhite:algorithmicnoir, a live-edited film that changes each time it screens; and a shorts program that sends viewers into outer space. For those up for some mind expansion, we suggest checking the film guide, grabbing your thinking cap, and heading out to one of this fest's synapse-stimulating events.

Mindy Bond Editor

6th Annual Imagine Science Film Festival

October 11 – 18, 2013

Various New York Locations (New York, NY) Map it $50

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