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Join Robert Nickelsberg & Jon Lee Anderson as they share personal stories of documenting Afghanistan

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Robert Nickelsberg documented conflicts in and around Afghanistan for over 25 years as a photographer for Time magazine and The New York Times. He witnessed the rise of fundamentalist groups in the area, the Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan, the rise of the Taliban and the invasion by the US, all of which is laid out in his forthcoming book, Afghanistan: A Distant War.

Nickelsberg will be joined by Jon Lee Anderson, author, international investigative reporter, and staff writer for The New Yorker who has written extensively about Afghanistan over the years, as well as conflicts throughout the Middle East, Latin America and Africa. Anderson's book, The Lion's Grave: Dispatches from Afghanistan provides an unprecedented and riveting on-the-ground account of the Afghan conflict.

Join us at the Brewery as Nickelsberg and Anderson share personal stories of documenting Afghanistan, as well as numerous conflicts throughout the world, over the past quarter-century.

Ticket includes admission and a free Brooklyn Brewery beer. All proceeds from the events in this series benefit RISC. If you would like to make a larger donation to the organization, please visit: risctraining.org/donate

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A Quarter Century Covering Afghanistan

Wednesday, October 9, 2013 7:30pm

Brooklyn Brewery (79 N11th Street, Brooklyn, New York, NY) Map it $25

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