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Screw love and get screwed at this anti-Vday hookup dance party.

Editor Pick
Editor Pick

The party people behind such hits at This Party Is Killing You: A Night of All-Robyn Everything, and the MySpace Party, are back to add some sass to an otherwise boring greeting-card occasion: Valentine's Day. The late-night soiree kicks off with some angsty breakup songs to get your blood boiling. Then, after some relationship advice from master of ceremonies Lyle Horowitz, your heart is treated with performances by Blahzé Misfits, Andrew Frisby, Lucille Ghatti and Lewis. The ball tapers off with a selection of sexy hookup songs, which should all but guarantee you won't go home empty handed.

Mindy Bond Editor
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We at Adventure[s] have a solution for the broken hearted, the single, the searching…and the few of y’all in those elusive committed relationships. We did it in 2012 and it's time to bring it back... The Adventures[s] Anti-Valentines Day Valentines Day Party. THE BROKEN HEARTED BALL!

Let's face it. The best songs are about breakups and heartache and pain and lusting from afar and feeling oh-so-alone.

The second best songs are about picking up people at bars and fooling around.

Songs about committed relationships...ehhh, fuck 'em. (J/K...mostly)

Adventure[s] loves love... but before you get to love you have to go through a lot of shit and take a lot of risks. This party will make it easier for you to find Mr. Right or Ms. Eventually.

We'll be playing sets of angsty breakup songs and sexy hookup songs. Also sexy breakup songs and angsty hookup songs. Come prepared to dance the pain away and find someone new.

Sponsored by Brightest Young Things & Glimpse (http://itsglimpse.com/).

Does your Instagram say more about you than your dating profile? Glimpse is a new mobile dating app to discover how people see the world. Get to know what someone is really like when you see the world through their eyes. Download the app and you'll get an access code at the party! Show us you're using Glimpse and get a drink ticket (while supplies last).

Hosted by Lyle Horowitz & featuring performances by Blahzé Misfits, Andrew Frisby, Lucille Ghatti, & Lewis.

Adventure[s] Presents The Broken Hearted Ball: Breakup/Hookup 2014 ...an anti-Valentine's Day

Friday, February 14 11:30pm

Glasslands Gallery (289 Kent Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11211) Map it $5

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