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Midnight screening of cult cyberpunk anime Akira

Editor Pick
Editor Pick

Kanedaaaa! Tetsuoooooo! Based on the manga of the same name, Akira (1988) is the canonical cyberpunk anime by director and writer Katsuhiro Otomo. The epic albeit sometimes convoluted tale of psychokinesis and secret military experiments set in the post-war dystopia of Neo-Tokyo, a wasteland of violent biker gangs, government oppression, cults, and lots and lots of drugs is a landmark of Japanese cinema. Owing in large part to its brilliant animation and the absolute insanity on which Akira flourishes (not to mention a bitchin’ soundtrack), the film has become a cult sensation even outside of the often insular world of anime fans.

Cooper Berkmoyer Editor

Akira Midnigh Screening at Clay Theater

January 3 – 4 Daily, 11:55pm

Clay Theater (2261 Fillmore Street, San Francisco, CA) Map it $10

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