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Darryl Roberts showcases his new documentary

Small_6b8ec2aec43f59bd205a3ec04c6143d7 Mill Valley Film Festival

Presented by Beyond Hunger
Filmmaker Darryl Roberts in Person
Beyond Hunger presents a benefit screening of Darryl Roberts' new documentary, the second sequel to his award-winning America the Beautiful. This provocative film exposes America's sexualization of children and its treacherous effects on our youth and society as a whole. A discussion follows the showing. Tickets, which support Beyond Hunger, are $25 general admission and $50 VIP with reception. Go to www.beyondhunger.org or call 415.459.2270.

- http://www.cafilm.org/rfc/films/1985.html

America The Beautiful 3: The Sexualization of Our Youth

Wednesday, March 5 6:15pm


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