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The Junior Council season continues with a private viewing of the new special exhibition The Power of Poison and a cocktail reception. For centuries, humans have marveled at the secrets of poisons and sought to harness their toxic powers—and this exhibition will explore both the biological basics of poison and the ways in which people have confronted its perils and potential. Approaching poison from several different perspectives—as a dynamic defense system used by animals locked in evolutionary arms races with predators; as a compelling thread that runs through familiar legends, myths, and fables; as a series of mysteries visitors encounter and solve, including what suddenly poisoned Captain James Cook and two naturalists aboard his ship in the autumn of 1774; and as a promising source for powerful medical treatments—The Power of Poison brings into sharp focus this captivating topic.

The season concludes with a special event on Thursday, June 26, which will feature a panel discussion followed by a cocktail reception and live jazz on the Arthur Ross Terrace.

All Junior Council events include special viewings of Museum exhibitions or films, a discussion by Museum scientists, and a cocktail reception.

Tickets to each event are $100 in advance or $125 at the door.

For reservations or information on joining the Junior Council, please call 212-769-5986 or email jcmembership@amnh.org. Proceeds from each event help support the Museum’s educational and scientific programming.

American Museum of Natural History’s Junior Council: A Private Viewing of The Power of Poison

Thursday, December 5, 2013

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Small_e736cbc7c7ca8e1be1a8a5339040bb13 Added By Allison Wang
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