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Amma in New York

The Javits Center (600 West 40th Street, New York, NY 10001) Map it Free

Devi Bhava is a special program that begins with the Atma Puja ceremony for world peace. Afterwards, Amma will receive guests who have tokens for an embrace. She will continue doing this all night into the next morning. Many stay the entire time to be in the uplifting atmosphere and to enjoy the devotional singing.

If you have time constraints, you should arrive early as programs are very large. You may find your token number is very late into the next morning. Seating for the puja is also limited due to the large number of people who typically attend this program. The best chance of getting a seat is to arrive by 4:15.

Please only bring personal items that you can slide under a chair, like a small pillow or items that can fit on your lap, like a small purse. If you come with a group and would like to sit together, everyone in your group must enter the hall together. As with other programs, everyone in your party should be present to receive a token.

Devi Bhava is also the time when Amma gives mantras. A mantra is a group of Sanskrit words used for prayer and meditation. If you are interested in receiving a mantra, information will be given for you to read while you are sitting in line waiting to receive your darshan.

- See more at: http://amma.org/meeting-amma/guides/devi-bhava#sthash.SmVpzuAw.dpuf

Dennis Lynch, Editor

Amma in New York

The Javits Center (600 West 40th Street, New York, NY 10001) Map it Free
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More Event Info (http://amma.org/meeting-amma/guides/devi-bhava)
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