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A series of new Scandinavian crime films based on Liza Marklund's worldwide best-selling novels


Annika Bengtzon: Crime Reporter

Scandinavia House: The Nordic Center in America (58 Park Avenue, New York, NY 100116) Map it $10
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From the producers of the Millennium Trilogy and Wallander comes a series of new Scandinavian crime films based on Swedish journalist and crime writer Liza Marklund’s worldwide best-selling novels featuring dedicated and uncompromising Kvällspressen crime reporter Annika Bengtzon (Malin Crépin), who covers stories from the cold streets of Stockholm and the snow-covered industrial landscape of Sweden’s far north, to the luxurious beaches of Costa del Sol in Spain.

Life at a bustling tabloid and the conflict of combining motherhood and career ambition provide the framework for this immensely suspenseful series.

Each episode is 90 minutes.

Episode 1: Nobel’s Last Will/Nobels testamente
October 16 & 18

Directed by Peter Flinth (Sweden, 2012). While covering the annual Nobel Banquet for the tabloid Kvällspressen, crime reporter Annika Bengtzon (Malin Crépin) is an eye witness to a spectacular murder: two people are shot, one being Aaron Wiesel (Jackie Jakubowski), the controversial Laureate in Medicine. A terrorist group with connections to the Middle East quickly claims responsibility for the murder; the international press is all over the story, as are the police. As a key witness, Annika is bound by the police not to disclose what she saw.

However, Annika becomes increasingly convinced that the real target of the attack is Wiesel’s dancing partner, Caroline von Behring (Anna von Rosen), Chairman of the Nobel Committee. The tabloid reporter’s investigation leads her closer and closer to the inner workings and power struggle within the closed and secretive circle of the Nobel Committee. As she gets closer to the truth and to getting her story, the situation becomes increasingly dangerous. Soon she understands how far some people are willing to go to receive the prestigious Nobel Prize.

Episode 2: Prime Time
October 23 & 25

Directed by Agneta Fagerström-Olsson (Sweden, 2012). En route to a family gathering, Annika must leave her boyfriend Thomas (Richard Ulfsäter) and two children to report on the murder of the famous television host Michelle Carlsson (Josephine Bornebusch). The murder happened at a mansion outside Stockholm – the setting for a television show featuring Michelle. Ten people spent the night there and the police suspect one of them to be the killer. Annika’s world is rocked as she learns that her best friend Anne Snapphane (Moa Gammel) is the prime suspect. Annika and Anne must work together to uncover the scandalous evidence to clear Anne’s name and nail the true killer.

Episode 3: Studio Sex
October 30 & November 1

Directed by Agneta Fagerström-Olsson (Sweden, 2012). A young woman, a stripper from a club called Studio Sex, is killed – her body found in a public park. The case becomes political dynamite when the police learn that the Minister of Trade has visited the club the night of the murder. Reporting on the case, Annika finds evidence showing that the Minister was, in fact, somewhere else that night. But he can’t tell anyone where, since it would reveal a scandal of gigantic proportions. Instead he resigns and political scandal ensues.

Episode 4: The Red Wolf/Den röda vargen
November 6 & 8

Directed by Agneta Fagerström-Olsson (Sweden, 2012). In the dark winter of northern Sweden, a journalist is murdered. Annika realizes that the killing is linked to a terrorist attack 40 years ago – an attack where the journalist knew too much. Annika sets out to find the killer, propelling her into a complex spiral of terrorism and old loyalties that began in extreme leftist movements of the sixties but extends into the liberal government of today.

Meanwhile, Annika is shocked to learn that her husband Thomas is cheating on her with a colleague. Angry and hurt she uses Kvällspressen as a cover to get the mistress into trouble.

Episode 5: Lifetime/Livstid
November 13 & 15

Directed by Ulf Kvensler (Sweden, 2012). Lonely, Annika spends most of her time at work to forget her private misfortunes. She reports on a strange murder case: a young female police officer is accused of killing her police officer husband and hiding their young son. Annika begins to suspect that there is more to this story than meets the eye and has reason to believe that the murdered police officer was both corrupt and violent.

The situation intensifies when someone threatens to kill Annika if she doesn’t let the story go. She is, however, not so easily scared and frantically continues her efforts to help the police catch the real killer and save the missing boy.

Episode 6: A Place in the Sun/En plats i solen
November 20 & 22

Directed by Peter Flinth (Sweden, 2012). A Swedish family is killed during a burglary in Costa del Sol, Spain. Annika travels to Spain to report on the incident only to discover that one daughter in the family has disappeared without a trace. As Annika investigates what has happened to the daughter, it becomes clear that the murders are connected to a drug trade that reaches from the hashish farms of Morocco to the streets of Sweden.

By coincidence, ex-husband Thomas is on a work-related trip to Costa del Sol at the same time as Annika. The two of them have dinner together and suddenly they are able talk to each other without accusation and fighting. When they meet again in Stockholm there is a glimpse of hope that perhaps not everything is lost between them.

Special thanks to MHz Networks.

Annika Bengtzon: Crime Reporter

Scandinavia House: The Nordic Center in America (58 Park Avenue, New York, NY 100116) Map it $10
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