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This annual festival populates 14th street with visual and performance art

Editor Pick
Editor Pick

Over the next few days, don't be alarmed if while walking down the street you see a gold-helmeted human cannonball or someone challenges you to a game of happiness hopscotch. These folks aren't psych ward escapees, you've merely encountered Art in Odd Places, the annual festival that brings visual and performance art to the streets. Scattered up and down 14th Street between Avenue C and the Hudson River, over 30 artists have created work dealing with the theme of numbers. From pin numbers to phone numbers, salaries to statistics, the festival crew has embraced numerology, and presents work that combines the mundane, mythic, and magical. You may never walk down 14th Street the same way again. 

Mindy Bond Editor

Art in Odd Places 2013: Number

October 11 – 20, 2013

14th Street (New York, NY 10011) Map it Free

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