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A salon featuring short-form visual presentations from Zady, Etsy and The Met

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Artifacts is a quarterly salon featuring short-form visual presentations from innovators in a wide range of creative disciplines, from technology to design to the arts.

The theme of this quarter's event is “Material” – products and experiences that at their core depend on the consideration of physical materials - and will feature Zady, Etsy, and The Met Museum. It's at The Wooly, so you can only imagine what an experience it will be! Plus, there will be a hands-on demo on the craft of making leather goods, a pop-up shop, and a drinking game that's sure to result in a free cocktail! :-)

We aim to disrupt disciplinary silos by targeting an audience that typically might not cross paths but all share a passion for innovation and creativity. Artifacts is a happening, not just a casual meet-up or a formal lecture, with intimate and creative interpretations of "the presentation" by industry leaders, along with live music, a friendly audience, and usually a surprise or two, hosted at venues around the city that are off the radar and capture the unique spirit of our mission. Come meet someone that doesn't do what you do.

Ticket sales cannot be made at the event.

- Studio Akko

Artifacts: Salon with Zady, Etsy and The Met

Friday, February 21 6:30pm

The Wooly (11 Barclay Street, New York, NY) Map it $25

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