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“I gotta make sure what I’m saying is a statement cause I’m the Jay-Z of Blue Ivy’s generation.”

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Almost thirty years after the birth of hip-hop and fourteen days to the day of hip-hop’s great Tupac Shakur’s death a star was born, gifted with a voice and a passion for the art of storytelling that is reserved only for a chosen few. His love of music was evident even before he could speak. Never one to be without his CD player Astro made it clear at an early age that music was his purpose. He gravitated toward Hip hop taking a special interest in the intricacies of world play and metaphoric representation of life as he knew it.

Determined to become a master of his craft Astro immersed himself in the hip-hop culture, studying the methods of hip-hop’s greats in the likes of Rakim, Big L, Big Daddy Kane, Biggie Smalls, Tupac, Tribe called Quest and his idol Jay-Z. “Combined all my influences and came out sick that influenza as I enter the center” a bar from He Fell Off, the first release from Astro’s much anticipated 2013 mixtape “Dead Beats & Lazy Lyrics” says everything there is to say about the up and coming emcee.

After five years of grinding and making a name for himself in the underground world of hip-hop 2010 proved to be a breakout year for Astro. After his first single Stop Looking at My Momz became a viral sensation, Astro garnered a lot of attention making him somewhat of a local celebrity. From it came a feature in the New York daily News, an invitation to perform live on Good Day NY, an appearance on MTV’s The Seven and a feature on Fuse TV. He also had the honor of being chosen by BET as one of their Music Matters artist in addition to performing live for the livest audience on television.

2011 brought about a different kind of reality for Astro one he had never imagined. With some encouragement from his mother although against his gut instincts for fear that appearing on a reality talent show would discredit him as an emcee, Astro auditioned for and made television history when he was chosen as a top sixteen finalist out of two hundred thousand auditionees for Season one of the X Factor US; the only emcee to have ever successfully made it to the live shows on any talent competition series.

Not only did Astro make a name for himself by being the only contestant to consistently write new lyrics week after week he further etched his legacy into the minds of the millions who eagerly anticipated his next move by delivering performances comparable to those of seasoned professionals. He left the show a seventh place finalist with a record deal in hand. The experience proved to be a valuable one, opening doors in the entertainment industry that may otherwise not have been offered to the kid with a pen and a dream from Brownsville, Brooklyn.

Never one to settle for less than maximization of opportunities Astro used his new found attention to launch an acting career, appearing as a guest star in the title role on CBS’s Person of Interest shortly after leaving the X factor. In addition to other notable acting projects he has recently finished production on two feature film, one as the lead and the other as the sidekick to Liam Neeson’s lead. Make no mistake however, music remains the focus of Astro’s life and he is steady working hard to give his supporters material them and him can be proud of. If you’re ever looking for him and can’t find him check the studio.

And speaking of the studio, Astro is currently back on his music grind. He is working on his second mixtape of 2013, due out in September. He has been featured on 106 and Park’s “The Backroom” segment. His Backroom freestyle was also voted one of the best ever and was re-aired during 106 and Park’s Hip Hop Week, “I gotta make sure what I’m saying is a statement cause I’m the Jay-Z of Blue Ivy’s generation.”

Many may say that’s a bold statement especially coming from a sixteen year old Brooklynite with everything to prove, but what is Hip hop if not bold and what is making a statement if the intention is not to leave your mark? Say what you want about The Astronomical Kid but there is no denying that he’s dope! Love him or hate him one thing’s for certain you've gotta respect his lyrical skills, his passion and his grind.

Astro AKA The Astronomical Kid -- CANCELLED

Friday, October 11, 2013 7:30pm

Highline Ballroom (431 West 16th Street, New York, NY 10011) Map it $15

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