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An intimate electronic music performance.

Performing Arts

((audience)) October Sound Off

E64b81e0edf4b139695dfda879865e07?s=50 Alexis Bhagat

SOUND OFF is an intimate series of performances that connect audiences with composers, artists, musicians and one another. It takes place in a simple loft: no stage, no curtain, and little distance between performer and audience.

Performances begin at 8:00 PM.

CARVER AUDAIN creates immersive sonic environments using digital signal processing and editing techniques on a variety of environmental and instrumental recordings.


RICHARD GARET interweaves various media including moving imagery, sound, multimedia performance, and photography. In work ranging from modified environments to site specific installations to audiovisual screening works, Garet constructs intimate spaces and immersive situations that draw attention to the processes of perception and cognition, and which activate sensorial, physical, psychological phenomena that reflect on the nature and experience of time.


((audience)) October Sound Off

  • E64b81e0edf4b139695dfda879865e07?s=50
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E64b81e0edf4b139695dfda879865e07?s=50 Added By Alexis Bhagat
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