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The works of 21 talented women artists.

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In printmaking, the B.A.T. is the final trial proof that the artist approves, indicating for the printer what an edition should look like. B.A.T. (Bon à Tirer/Good to Go) at Offramp Gallery, features the works of 21 women artists who have printed with master printer Francesco Siqueiros of El Nopal Press. The exhibition is guest curated by Anita Bunn.

Panel Discussion with Francesco Siqueiros, master printer and founder of El Nopal Press; guest curator, Anita Bunn & artists: Sunday, January 12, 3pm

Closing Reception and exhibition walk through with Francesco Siqueiros, master printer and founder of El Nopal Press; guest curator, Anita Bunn & artists: Sunday, January 26, 3pm

Artists included in the exhibition are:

Lisa Adams
Susan Bolles
Anita Bunn
Carolyn Castaño
Emily Cheng
Sandra De La Losa
Pia Elizondo
Elsa Flores
Diane Gamboa
Silvia Gruner
Sherin Guirguis
Shirley Jaffee
Annie Lapin
Dominique Liquois
Rocio Maldonado
Ruby Osorio
Renée Petropoulos
Daniela Rossel
Analia Saban
Linda Stark
Laureana Toledo

Located in downtown Los Angeles, El Nopal Press has worked with an impressive roster of artists in its 25-year history. Siqueiros has focused mainly on artists from Los Angeles and Mexico City, but he has worked with artists from New York, Paris, and Buenos Aires as well.

In considering the selections for this exhibition, the number of women El Nopal Press has published is impressive. Printmaking has long been an art form that not only has been open and available to women artists, but one in which they have excelled. This is especially apparent in the history of printmaking in Los Angeles, where June Wayne had such a hand in establishing the importance of the medium.

Siqueiros is a great collaborator and innovator, allowing artists to experiment with the process and new techniques in order to achieve the desired result. The strength of the work in this exhibition represents not only the skill of the artists but the unique relationship between artist and master printer.

- http://www.offrampgallery.com/upcoming.html

B.A.T. (Bon à Tirer | Good to Go), A selection of prints by women artists and El Nopal Press

December 8, 2013 – January 26 Daily, 1pm

Offramp Gallery (1702 Lincoln Ave, Pasadena, CA 91103) Map it Free

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