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Learn how to circumvent surveillance, browse anonymously, encrypt data, and safeguard your identity.

Editor Pick
Editor Pick

In a world in which metadata is not only a hot and highly-profitable commodity, but can also be used as incriminating evidence by the CIA-cum-FBI-cum-NDAA-cum-NSA that could lead to [an illegal sentence of] indefinite detention based upon, apparently, the [illegal] presumption of guilt, anonymity is becoming an obsolete term, a fleeting treasure, the Holy Grail of the Digital Age. As the piracy of privacy continues to violate our online activity, threatening to compromise our lives in the offline world, Machine Project has decided to address mounting concerns and help privacy-seekers slip under the radar during this three-session crash-course of “Anonymity 101.” Not only will the workshop provide a toolkit for the circumvention of digital surveillance, real-world sousveillance, and online tracking, but it will also outline the benefits of burner phones and bitcoins and instruct participants in the art of encryption, identity protection, and anonymous browsing.

Kateri O'Neil Editor
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Participants should have laptops and be 18 or over.

- Machine Project

Becoming Anonymous

February 11, 2014; February 18, 2014; March 4, 2014

Machine Project (1200-D N Alvarado St, Los Angeles, CA 90026) Map it $110

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