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A comedy from Estonian filmmaker Toomas Hussar



Scandinavia House: The Nordic Center in America (58 Park Avenue, New York, NY 100116) Map it $10
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BIO EST is a multi-venue festival introducing a new generation of Estonian artists and performers to New York City that began in 2011 and borrows its name from the vintage Estonian washing powder Bioest.

Wednesday, September 25, 7 pm & Friday, October 4, 6:30 pm

Directed by Toomas Hussar (Estonia, 2012). The political and media elite – or what passes for it – square off in this pointed and quirky comedy. Estonian Member of Parliament Aadu Kägu (Raivo E. Tamm), fresh off a demeaning but successful appearance on a moronic game show that his young staff orchestrated for him, looks forward to a quiet day in the country picking mushrooms with his wife (Elina Reinold). But nothing goes according to plan: they get saddled with moody rocker Zak (Juhan Ulfsak), and marooned at a gas station; then a journalist harasses Kägu by phone, threatening an exposé on his expenses; and finally the group runs afoul of a crazed hermit, who has a bone to pick with city dwellers.
93 min.

About the director
Toomas Hussar (b. 1962, Estonia) studied mathematics at Tartu University, theology at the Consistory of Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church, and acting at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre. He has written and directed several plays and worked as an actor for film, theater, and television. Mushrooming is his first feature film and was the Estonian entry for the Best Foreign Language Oscar at the 85th Academy Awards (2012) and an Official Selection at the 2012 Karlovy Vary and Toronto Film Festivals.

- http://www.scandinaviahouse.org/events_films_upcoming.html#bio-est-mushroom


Scandinavia House: The Nordic Center in America (58 Park Avenue, New York, NY 100116) Map it $10
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