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Join us for the independent curated film screening Black Mariah Films this Sunday June 23th!


Black Mariah Films Presents: BEAUTY AND EXCESS

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Join us for the upcoming film screening this Sunday June 23th!

Two films inspired by the relationship between excess beauty and its grotesque mirror image. For these men and women, entombed in their luxury, a cloying surface glamour belies desperate desire, proving that all that glimmers is not gold. Each feature is preceded by a short introductory film.

Clemente Soto Velez Cultural and Educational Center
107 Suffolk Street, 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10002

Suggested Donation $5

About Black Mariah Films:

Our screenings are inspired by the world's first film production studio the Black Maria, built upon the fascination and experimentation with the new medium of cinema. By presenting an eclectic selection of moving images and films from all genres and eras, we intend to keep alive the tradition of early film screenings where the excitement for the unprecedented medium of cinema was tangible. We aim to be the contemporary revival of nickelodeon, where audience can experience cinema as visual attraction. For this 2013 series, we will showcase an unexpected yet thematized program that includes silent shorts, avant garde film works, and milestone feature films of arthouse film history.


- http://www.blackmariahfilms.com/program6.html

Black Mariah Films Presents: BEAUTY AND EXCESS

  • Small_d862d273c829d7dfe0d05538ad29d113
More Event Info (http://www.blackmariahfilms.com/)
Suggested $5 Save event for more information and special offers
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