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A place where art and sustainability can coexist


Breathing Earth Screening

Small_6b8ec2aec43f59bd205a3ec04c6143d7 Mill Valley Film Festival

In anticipation of CFI's Environmental Youth Forum (February 10 & 11), we present an exclusive Bay Area screening of the new film by the director of Rivers and Tides (still one of the most popular films ever to play the Rafael). Filmmaker Thomas Riedelsheimer's new subject is a worthy successor to Andy Goldsworthy: Japanese sculptor Susumu Shingu, who pays tribute to nature with hypnotic and playful kinetic works powered by wind and water. Following Shingu around the world in search of a place where art and sustainability can coexist, the film captures his stunning work in its natural habitats (including a spectacular location in Mexico, where the Monarch butterflies congregate). Elegant and meditative, with a mesmerizing music score by Stephan Micus, this film does not yet have an American distributor and should not be missed. Director: Thomas Riedelsheimer. (Germany 2013) 97 min.

- http://www.cafilm.org/rfc/films/1960.html

Breathing Earth Screening

  • Small_6b8ec2aec43f59bd205a3ec04c6143d7
More Event Info (http://www.cafilm.org/rfc/films/1960.html)
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