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Indulge in a variety of luxurious caviars at Petrossian West Hollywood's Caviar 201 class.

Editor Pick
Editor Pick

Petrossian in West Hollywood is not just a caviar restaurant and gourmet food gift shop – it’s also home to three different monthly sessions in caviar education: Caviar 101, 201, and 301. Petrossian, the largest distributor of caviar in the world, is the ultimate destination for gleaning caviar expertise, with nearly a century of experience behind them. After the Bolshevik Revolution, Paris was teeming with Russian expatriates. The Russians craved caviar, but there was none to be found, so in 1920, the Petrossians brought caviar to the City of Lights. They’ve been going strong ever since, with several more Paris locations, along with restaurants and boutiques in Manhattan and Sao Paulo. Caviar 201 is a luxurious early-evening event during which you’ll enjoy a large selection of Petrossian’s highest-quality caviars paired with either vodka or champagne, along with an exquisite selection of small bites. One of their resident caviar experts leads the class, explaining the provenance and distinctions of each taste, and how you can serve them at home. You’ll enjoy such luxurious, costly spoonfuls as the rich, buttery Royal Kaluga; tiny, slightly sweet beads of Royal Sevruga; the nutty, complex notes of Royal Ossetra, and much more. Comparing the bright bursts of flavor from these pearls of the sea is both pleasurable and edifying. After the caviar tasting, indulge in the accompanying small bites, which may include such tidbits as smoked salmon with caviar powder, or wild California sea urchin with smoked crème fraiche panna cotta, trout roe, and borage flower. Caviar 201 is truly both an indulgence and an education. After you’ve tasted a number of quality caviars and learned what foods they most elegantly accompany, buying a jar of roe to accompany hard-boiled eggs, or some caviar powder to enhance a homemade pasta, seems both less daunting and an accessible luxury.

Karin E. Baker Editor

Caviar 201

January 9 – 10 Daily, 7:30pm

Petrossian (321 North Robertson Boulevard, West Hollywood, CA) Map it $75

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