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Free DIY workshop and instruction on the wonders of circuit hacking every Monday at Noisebridge

Editor Pick
Editor Pick

Have you ever wanted to create a universal remote to silence the persistent din of televisions you encounter in your day to day? Perhaps you want to turn that Playskool guitar you scored at the junk shop into an instrument of sonic terror? The possibilities are endless at Noisebridge’s weekly Circuit Hacking Mondays. Noisebridge provides the soldering irons and you bring your imagination, or a pet project, to the Mission’s DIY workshop center. An instructor will be on hand to help those as yet unacquainted with said soldering irons and the principles behind circuit bending and hacking, and admission is free, but kits are also available for the cost of parts.

Cooper Berkmoyer Editor

Circuit Hacking Monday

Mondays 7:30pm

Noisebridge (Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94103) Map it Free

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