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Fouladi Projects 2013 Summer Group Show. 7 artists explore the nature of Nature. Runs thru Aug. 31st

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Fouladi Projects 2013 Summer Group Show

We are pleased to present an exhibition of seven artists whose works reference the ever-inspiring mother of us all: Nature.

Artists: Karen Barbour, Yuichi Hirako, Liam Jones, Erik Parra, Gail Tarantino, Sho Tsunoda, and Anne Veraldi

Some do this directly, while others raise questions by taking a more subversive route. Must civilization and nature be at odds? Can one exist without the expense of the other? Trees can compose an enchanting forest. Yet, when strategically planted, they can also be the barrier between you and your neighbor. Controlling the natural environment can be perceived as a triumph or a tragic mistake, depending on one’s point of view.

It would prove a difficult prospect indeed to remove nature entirely from our scope, for it is all around us and it is the very stuff from which we are made. Ubiquitous as it may be, however, nature never ceases to captivate our senses and embolden our awe. It is the primary language that needs no words. We bow to its majesty. In celebration of summertime, on view will be paintings, photographs and works on paper that will both pay homage to the beauteous bounty of all things natural as well as causing contemplation of our possible alienation from the source.

Artists in the show: Karen Barbour, Yuichi Hirako, Liam Jones, Erik Parra, Gail Tarantino, Sho Tsunoda, and Anne Veraldi.

Show runs through August 31st.

- http://www.fouladiprojects.com

Considering the Source

Friday, July 19, 2013 6pm – 8pm

Fouladi Projects (1803 Market Street, San Francisco, CA) Map it Free

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