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Former NY Times reporter C.J. Chivers talks about reporting from Ground Zero & the Middle East

Editor Pick
Editor Pick

Syria is top of mind for most these days, and tonight, you can find out what it’s like on the ground there from journalist, author, and former Marine, C.J. Chivers. His knowledge of weaponry and military affairs has given him a leg up when covering the recent conflicts in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and current hotbed Syria. His book "The Gun" finds Chivers tracing the social history of the AK-47, examining the role automatic arms have played in the making of war. On this occasion, in addition to discussing Syria and the Middle East, Chivers, who was a Metro reporter for the "New York Times" on 9/11, sits down with AP foreign correspondent Steve Hindy to revisit that fateful day.

Mindy Bond Editor

Covering 9/11, its Aftermath, and the Middle East Today

Wednesday, September 11, 2013 7:30pm

Brooklyn Brewery (79 N11th Street, Brooklyn, New York, NY) Map it $25

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