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Cross Pollinate is an opportunity for LA women & friends to connect, network, & share resources!

City Gem

Cross Pollinate LA

Cafe Club Fais Do-Do (5257 W Adams Blvd, Los Angeles, CA) Map it $30
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Bzzz...spread the word... Sun Sept 8th, 2013 in Los Angeles!

Cross Pollinate is an opportunity for Los Angeles women and friends to connect with one another in a supportive environment to share ideas, resources, and projects.

We have another inspiring event SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 8, 2013, with women’s only networking event from 1-4:30PM, then dinner party social open to women & men with live music from 5-8PM. See below for all participating in this dynamic event so far. We hope you can come share your vibe and make valuable, empowered connections!

GET TICKETS: http://bit.ly/crosspollinate9813

RSVP to our Sunday September 8 event on Facebook: http://bit.ly/CrossPollinate

Join our Facebook Group: http://bit.ly/crosspollinategroup

Looking forward to sharing space, time, ideas, resources, and energy with you on Sun Sep 8th in LA! Tickets will be $50 at the door for the women's only networking portion at 1PM and $10 for the mixed music/dinner social at 5PM- so please be sure to register in advance of the event for discounted rates!

Cafe Club Fais Do Do 5253 W. Adams Blvd, Los Angeles, 90016 (323) 931-4636



Erica Wohldmann – Sustainable Food Systems: From Harvesting to Selling Erica Wohldmann received a joint Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology and Cognitive Science from the University of Colorado, Boulder, and works as a Professor at California State University, Northridge. She has been teaching classes and community-based workshops for nearly 10 years. As a food activist, Erica has worked to develop and create sustainable food systems in Los Angeles. She has helped to build several food gardens, has worked with policy makers in Los Angeles and other parts of California, and is the founder of the Venice Harvest Xchange—a community-based food bazaar and underground farmers market. Erica will soon launch a new website that provides a venue for Cottage Food Producers and small food businesses to sell their homemade and commercially approved foods online. Erica has also been gardening and wild foraging for more than a decade, and recently returned from a 6-month voyage through 16 states during which time she wild foraged or traded wild foraged foods for all of the food that she consumed. She just completed a book about that journey, which is infused with concepts of Ecopsychology and Sociology, describing alternatives to large-scale industrial agriculture. Erica leads food and medicine walks in Los Angeles, and teaches herbal and medicinal beer-brewing and other primitive food preparation techniques to the community and at gatherings. Erica’s Cottage Food website: http://www.homemade1616.com/ her blog: http://simplyurban-erica.blogspot.com/

Anna Cummins – Women’s Leadership – Challenges, Successes & Support Do you, or have you ever dreamed of running your own project, organization, managing a team, or leading a movement for the greater good? Leadership is an art form, one we can all improve upon. Come share your stories, feedback, and lets learn from one another!
Anna Cummins has over 15 years of experience in environmental non-profit work, education, writing, and campaign development. She has worked in marine conservation, coastal watershed management, sustainability education, and high school ecology instruction. Anna received her undergraduate in History from Stanford University, and her Masters in International Environmental Policy from the Monterey Institute for International Studies. In 2001, Anna received a fellowship from the Sustainable Communities Leadership Program, to work with Santa Cruz based non-profit Save Our Shores, coordinating bilingual outreach education and community relations. In 2007 Anna joined the Algalita Marine Research Foundation as education adviser, conducting school outreach and giving public presentations on plastic marine pollution. In 2008, Anna completed a month long, 4,000-mile research expedition studying plastic debris in the North Pacific Gyre, during which her now husband Dr. Marcus Eriksen proposed. The two married during a 2,000 mile cycling/speaking tour from Vancouver to Mexico, giving talks about plastic pollution. In 2009, Anna and Marcus co-founded The 5 Gyres Institute, to eliminate plastic pollution in the world’s oceans through research, education, and community engagement. The 5 Gyres Institute completed the first global survey on plastic pollution in 2011, and published the first scientific paper on the South Pacific Garbage Patch in 2013. Anna was elected a fellow of the Wings World Quest in 2011, and received a Golden Goody Award in 2013. Check out her non-profit:http://5gyres.org/

Andrea Adler, The Metaphysical Marketer - The Power of The Word We take our speech and our written words for granted. However, when we begin to focus on the words we say and the words we write, we may realize that we unknowingly create exclusivity, instead inclusivity – without being aware of it. In this session, you will hear stories of how people have lost and won millions of dollars by being conscious of the words they use – in their work and in their lives. Andrea Adler is a Broadway and TV actress, Founder of Holistic PR and author of PR for the Holistic Healer, Creating an Abundant Practice, The Science of Spiritual Marketing, and her breakout novel, Pushing Upward, published by Hay House. www.holisticpr.com www.pushingupward.com

Lara Catone – Reclaiming Feminine Sexual Power * Women are the creative vessels of the universe. When our sensuality and sexuality are repressed we are denied the full expression of our gifts. Let’s explore where we have been wounded or cut off from our uniquely feminine expression and the infinite creative power available to us when we align with embodied sexuality. * Lara Catone is a yoga teacher and somatic sexologist with extensive experience in women’s health. Her mission is to empower radiant health and pleasure through revolutionary education. Lara has dedicated the past 10 years to studies in the healing arts, including certifications as Sexological Bodyworker, birth doula and AcroYoga teacher. In 2011 she began development of the Restore Your Core program a revolutionary approach to changes in the abdomen and pelvic floor during pregnancy and postpartum including pelvic pain and dysfunction. Lara trains fitness, birth and medical professionals in her progressive approach to core health. Lara has a thriving private practice in Venice, CA and teaches workshops and retreats worldwide. Lara is an active blogger and has been featured as an expert in the media. She is the creator of Sexual Wellness TV, a web series about enlightened sexuality and health and author of the e-book, 31 Ways to Keep It Hot. Follow Lara on Twitter: @LaraCatone, Facebook: Lara Catone Yoga & Sexual Wellness and visit http://laracatone.com/ for sexy musings and educational media.

Jennie Cook – Speaking From the Heart: Voicing Our Passion Our thoughts become actions and our words become reality. Let’s raise our voices and define our destinies. By identifying and declaring our passion to the universe we get closer to our true path. Create it! www.jenniecooks.com

Mona Holmes, Social Media Mona – Power of Social Media & How To Build Online Community During the social media ‘dark ages,’ before Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, Pinterest, Instagram or Tumblr, the music-friendly MySpace was king. This was perfect while Mona launched an online community of female DJs, vocalists and producers in 2002. With her business partner, they devoted all of their spare hours to create Shejay, an influential worldwide network, online magazine (with user generated content) and a booking agency. They didn’t realize it at the time, but they created a social network before the moniker ever existed. The ladies spent many a late night editing content, coding HTML, finding audiences and building a solid email list. They miss those days, because every success was built by our hard work, innovations and word of mouth. After moving towards food blogging in 2008, it became essential that we learn everything about marketing our new businesses in the newer digital age. After gathering a steady following, she was asked to do the same for another company. Then another. So another business was born: Social Media Mona.

Elizabeth Bachner, Gracefull Birthing – Midwifery Support & Conscious Choices in Childbirth “Conscious Birthing is not attached to “where” one births, or “how” it looks. If you are connected with awareness to what feels safe and true for you at any given moment, and find the space and breath within that moment, then you can birth consciously anywhere – home, hospital or a birthing center.” Elizabeth Bachner grew up in New England and received her B.A. in Child Psychology from the Elliot Pierson School at Tufts University. After 5 years of living and traveling in Africa, Australia & Europe she returned to school and became a Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist. In 2003, Elizabeth received a literal calling to enter the path of midwifery through recurring dreams in which women would squat and birth their baby’s into her out stretched hands. Having attended over 475 births, Elizabeth believes that birthing a baby is a rite of passage for both women and men, containing the ultimate lesson in surrender and trust. She has dedicated herself to serving birth as a midwife because she enjoys creating a safe and supportive space for the starting point of the parenting journey. Elizabeth is both owner and midwife of GraceFull Birthing, Silver Lake’s brand new Environmentally Respectful Birthing Center and Community Space where the Midwifery Model of Care is extended into a parenting philosophy of connection and trust. At GraceFull Birthing families can not only choose to birth at the center or home with a midwife, but anyone, no matter who or where they birth, can receive GraceFull Care by utilizing our Chiropractor, Acupuncturist, Mayan Abdominal Massage Therapist, Lactation Consultant, or any one of our many Childbirth Education Classes and Mommy and Me Groups. http://www.gracefull.com

Autumn Rooney & Janine Christiano, CA Time Banks – Time Banking, Families & Childcare: It Takes A Village Autumn Rooney is a Los Angeles based activist and community builder. She is co-founder of the Echo Park Time Bank formed in March of 2008 and co-director of the Arroyo Sustainable Economies Community Organization. She is also developing the California Federation of Time Banks, a regional information hub and network for Time Banks in California. Autumn’s background includes, coordinating a recurring community-funded micro-grant for emerging artists called, “Artist Bailout”, a grassroots model for funding small creative projects through public meals. She has also organized several Time Bank projects such as, classes on conflict resolution for kids, a community revolving loan fund and local food swaps. Autumn is dedicated to developing community assets in order to build a healthier, safer and more sustainable city. asntb.com Janine Christiano is the founder of the Arroyo Time Bank and co-director of the Arroyo Sustainable Economies Community Organization. Through the Arroyo Time Bank she helped launch the Altadena Urban Farmer’s Market to promote a local and sustainable food economy. She is also developing the California Federation of Time Banks, a regional information hub and network for Time Banks in California. Janine is also Program Coordinator at the Armory Center for the Arts and is a proud resident of Pasadena where she lives with her husband and new baby daughter Paloma.

Janine and Autumn will facilitate a discussion about the joys and challenges of raising children in Los Angeles and how to rebuild the village. Brainstorm ways to develop a network of support for parents by tapping into the resources of the Time Bank. cafederationoftimebanks.com

Laurie Kaufman, Reclaiming Los Angeles – Hands-On Vision Boards WorkshopLaurie Lovekraft is a 25-year ritualist and performer who has studied Wicca, Feri, Thelema, Herbalism, and Tibetan Buddhism. She co-founded Reclaiming LA (Southern California’s Reclaiming Collective) and serves as a teacher in that tradition. Laurie’s writings have appeared in Green Egg, Widdershins, and PanGaia Magazine as well asBitch Goddess: The Spiritual Path of the Dominant Woman. She was featured in the book, Modern Pagans (RE/Search Publications) and is a graduate of the Berkeley Psychic Institute’s Women’s Clairvoyant program. A long-time environmentalist, Laurie was an anti-nukes protestor in the ’80s and worked to save Headwaters Forest and the South Central Farm. She continues to support environmental, labor, and social justice causes and is raising her children in the Goddess tradition. http://reclaimingla.org

Megan Hanson – Youth Leadership & Civic Engagement Once an advertising and marketing executive in New York City, Megan now works as a renegade nutrition educator, cutting through the clutter of confusing nutrition information and mowing down what she terms “Entrenched Veggie Aversions” to get people reconnected to real food. Though she gained invaluable experience toiling for corporations and clients, such as Quaker Oats, Procter & Gamble and TIME Magazine, she knew in her gut she had something to gain outside the corporate structure, so (with TIME’s blessing, and a 10” chef’s knife gifted to her by the head of Marketing) she ran away to sea to cook on sailboats. When on land, Megan completed Masters work in documentary photo studies at the Salt Institute, and earned a certification in Holistic Nutrition Education from Bauman College – all the while, building her business as a photographer, private chef, and nutrition educator. For nine years, she has been facilitating nutrition, cooking and food systems educational experiences for jail inmates and inner city youth in San Francisco and South Central LA. She is a co-founder and Executive Director of ROOT DOWN LA, which is a non-profit venture she co-founded in 2008, training youth in South Los Angeles to build demand for (and now create supplies of) healthy food in their communities. http://rootdownla.org/

Clare Fox – Food Justice TBA

Lisa Cianci – Urban Homesteading & Permaculture Lisa Cianci was born in New York City to parents of Irish, Italian, Puerto Rican, French and Indian Descent. She considers herself a “Mutt” the definition of a true “American”. At the… peak of her career while working for Gensler, the world’s largest architectural and interior design firm for 13 years Lisa appeared to be living the ultimate “American Dream”. She traveled all over the Country and world, as she designed shell and cores and interiors for Rolls Royce’s', corporate jets, private airplanes & hangers, multi-million dollar corporate campus’ and headquarters’ Practicing domestically as well as internationally for such prestigious clients as Rand, Nikken, Warner Bros. and Herbalife.By the age 38, Lisa had been traveling for close to 10 years. She made more money than she had ever dreamed of. However, she worked 7 days a week 80 hours a week for more than a decade. Basically, she was living a “man’s life”. Denying her feminine power. She needed to reconnect with Mother Earth, her Husband, her Son and the Spirit of God. Her Authentic Self. The Woman, Daughter, Sister, Friend, Wife, Mother, and Spiritual Being who withering away. Like a flower longing for sunlight, thirsting for water, she felt suffocated and although she had everything she wanted, she had nothing of true significance that she needed. Lisa’s wake-up call came when she discovered a lump in her breast, at the exact same age as her mother when she experienced her first malignant breast cancer when Lisa was 13. Now, for the past 13 years Lisa has been hosting healing retreats, educational programs, and community and private events on her ranch in Topanga Canyon. CA. The land was originally one of the first farms in the area but has been out of production for several decades. Lisa has been working hard to restore the site’s buildings and infrastructure. In January she began partnering with the Gaian Mind Institute to bring the land back into production using permaculture design methods. Her mission is closely aligned with that of the Gaian Mind Institute regarding the need to create self-sufficient and sustainable sacred space for healing and re-connection to the feminine energy of the Earth.

Marcia Lopez – Womb Wisdom For Peace The fruit of knowledge lies in the center of woman, for within her is the center of the universe – the womb, the matrix of life, blood, and body. Woman and Womb – Holder and Creatrix. The health of the woman is the health of the tribe, for all her fruit is blessed. Ancient Wisdom is that the Womb is the Cosmic Portal into this 3rd dimensional world of Earth. The Womb is our first physical home in which spirit and matter become one. Our first stopping point to beginning our life journey. Based on this truth one can assume that utmost care has been taken to ensure the health of all wombs and of all women. The health of the womb is the health of the tribe.Can we make a Universal Model of Peace from the correlation of Womb Health and Humanitarian Health? Marcia Lopez is a Womb Healer, Massage Therapist, Yoga Instructor, Somatic Sex Educator, and a modern day Urban Curandera. She is a Mayan Abdominal Healer through the Arvigo Institute and a Pompamesayoq of the Quechua Shamanic Lineage of Peru under Rev. Esther Jenkins. She holds Yogic study of mantra and meditation under Atma Degeyndt, Kundalini Tantra under Psalm Isadora, and asana and sutras under the American School of Yoga. Marcia has specialized in women’s health and healing for most of her practice working with high risk pregnancies, labor preparation, post-partum care, and helping men and women heal from reproductive dysfunction. She facilitates women’s circles and has given lectures on Conscious Sexuality. She has shared her knowledge at festivals and universities and has worked with an extensive list of clientele from all walks of life and backgrounds. For more information and to contact Marcia for healing, workshops, or speaking engagements please visit www.truehealingbodywork.com In La’ kech


Divine music & fantastic food will be delivered in the evening social, with a chance for even more networking open to both men & women from 5PM until 8PM.

All who attend the workshop receive entrance into the evening portion. However, if you would like to come for music & socializing, but not the networking portion, those tickets are available for $10 via our ticket page. The evening will feature the sublime musical talents of Shawni, Ben Gould, Amy Clarke, Courtney Freed, & Steven Wynbrandt, with guest artists sprinkled throughout.


Shawni has just recently released her first solo album “Only Here”.

Her voice is often described as ‘Velvet’ and the sweetness in it will touch your soul easily.

Shawni’s music is the bridge and the essence of her Soul, through which she explores her deepest Truth.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ShawniMusic Twitter: https://twitter.com/shawnimusic Instagram: http://instagram.comshawnimusic# Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5nsaGwkQDec

Ben Gould (w/Britta Gudmunson) 20130621_164953 Instagram: ficusboy


Amy Clarke, Gaia Grove & Guests ~ Swan Ryder, Brittany Rose, Ben Gould & Charles-Herman-Wurmfeld ~ more TBA Soulful songstress Amy Clarke crafts eclectic music with lyrical depth & planetary consciousness. An award-winning songwriter who mixes classical training with global rhythms, she is a dynamic stage presence – from solo voice, grand piano, & percussion, to jamming with guest artists, or experimenting on her synth keyboard. She has toured around the country from the House of Blues, SXSW, Viper Room, The White House & The Bitter End to Burning Man & The Alchemy Conference & shared stages with diverse & inspirational artists such as Starhawk, Poe, Occupy Love, Amrita Sen, Brothers’ Brothers, Miranda Rondeau, Dave Greene (Joe Walsh, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers), Stonefeather, Temple of Visions & Sacred Spaces Village at Burning Man 2010. Amy played an impromptu set at Lilith 2010 & was appointed Social Media Ambassador by Terry McBride of Nettwerk for the penultimate Lilith show in her hometown Washington, DC, interviewing Sarah McLachlan, the Indigo Girls, Butterfly Boucher, Courtyard Hounds, Lissie & more backstage. She is finishing her full-length album project in Silver Lake, CA for a 2013 release. “Beautiful, magical, original” – Mary Ishimoto Morris, The Washington Post

FB: https://www.facebook.com/AmyClarkeMusic Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/amyclarke ReverbNation: http://www.reverbnation.com/amyclarke YouTube: http://www.yotube.com/scorpfaery

Gaia Grove Founded by Amy Clarke, after countless underground events in Washington, DC, then moving humble roots from a Williamsburg, Brooklyn backyard to its current Silver Lake center (located in Los Angeles, CA), Gaia Grove is a living web dedicated to helping heal the earth, living in greater harmony with nature, and educating on sustainability, balance, equality, and justice for all. Gaia Grove produces events advancing the ideas, practice, and development of socially responsible artistry and living. Gaia Grove’s members include artists, musicians, DJs, entrepreneurs, photographers, writers, directors, shamans, gardeners, activists, dancers, farmers, visionaries, teachers, poets, healers, dreamers & more. Gaia Grove is vibrant, evolving and ripe with possibility.

1149655_694167171827_880627655_oCourtney Freed Strong, passionate, vivacious and daring, Courtney Freed is a dynamic vocalist in a class all her own. She committed to sharing her talents with the world through song and story. http://www.courtneyfreed.com Facebook Page: Courtney Freed Music Twitter: @courtneyfreed Instagram: courtneyjoyfreed http://www.reverbnation.com/courtneyfreedmusic

Steven Wynbrandt ~ coming soon Steven Wynbrandt BioDynamic Farm ~ http://www.flickr.com/photos/swynbrandt/sets/72157629733978418/

Olivia Walder & Ramblin’ Rose Apothecary http://www.etsy.com/shop/RamblinRoseShop Olivia Walder is a Los Angeles based midwestern transplant who does way too many things, including work as a graphic designer, stylist, painter, jewelry maker and a forager and herbalist in training. Ramblin’ Rose Apothecary is collection of herbal concoctions created by Olivia Walder. All of the herbs used in the products are either organic, wild harvested, or grown by Olivia herself. Ramblin’ Rose Apothecary was born of Olivia’s interest in herbs as source of knowledge and understanding of our history, as source of empowerment, and for the purpose of celebrating the wonders of herbs! http://www.oliviawalder.com
Sparky the Dragon Oven ~ Dinner for sale on site by Ray Cirino & His Dragon Oven,Sparky! Live art, crafts & vending as well ~

- http://www.crosspollinate.me

Cross Pollinate LA

Cafe Club Fais Do-Do (5257 W Adams Blvd, Los Angeles, CA) Map it $30
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