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Written and Directed by: Derviş Zaim



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At the end of every summer, Hasanpasa, a village in the Burdur district of southwestern Turkey, holds a traditional shepherding contest. The contest involves shepherds herding their entire herd of sheep, one by one, through a pool of water. First prize goes to the shepherd who negotiates the pool fastest and with least hesitation. An elderly shepherd known by the nickname “Takmaz” has been reigning champion for the last eight years. Takmaz and the village’s younger shepherds are sifting fragments of local red rock to obtain a powder dye. They use this to dye the fleeces of the sheep red for the shepherding contest, but it seems as though getting hold of the red rock will be problematic in years to come. The reason is that a large mining company has opened a vast marble quarry on the site of the rock deposits just outside the village. Ali, one of the younger shepherds trapped between their beliefs and the modern world, who are struggling to discover where they belong as they look for the rock in new places, leaves his flock behind to work as a driver for the mining company. The deer hunt during which Ali accompanies his boss gives Ali a chance to build a different relationship with the environment than we have today and to embrace forgotten human values.


  • 302f2a3ead2eaabdc552eeea4cf1be76?s=50
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