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A memoir on self-discovery

Small_5c1cb2d663c9d3af9ed90252aa2a999e Danielle Magee

When Deborah Feldman made the remarkable decision to leave her family and loveless marriage, wholly rejecting her Hasidic roots and her life among Brooklyn’s ultra-Orthodox, she found herself alienated from the only community she had ever known. Out of her experience came the incendiary bestselling memoir Unorthodox, and just a few years later, Feldman has emerged on the cusp of a remarkable journey of self-discovery — a journey in which she begins her life anew, a single mother and a religious refugee, at the age of twenty-six. As a woman and as a writer, Feldman broke all the rules she was raised to live by, and in the process has discovered a world of like-minded outcasts and misfits, bound together in the universal struggle for self-acceptance and healing. A captivating writer and beguiling storyteller, Feldman’s singular life has been an inspiration to countless others. Feldman discusses her story tonight, with a book signing to follow.

- Greenlight Bookstore

Deborah Feldman presents Exodus

Friday, March 28 7:30pm

St. Joseph's College (245 Clinton Avenue, Brooklyn, NY) Map it Free

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