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DCIFF is a nonprofit organization with mission to unite nations, cultures and religions.


Dialogue of Cultures International Film Festival

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The Dialogue Of Cultures International Film Festival is the world’s first film festival dedicated to the worldwide phenomenon of people in search of their identity in the era of mass migration and globalization. Its goal is to jump start a dialogue between cultures through the universal language of cinema.

The festival program includes films from across the globe- giving voice to multiple perspectives on issues of culture and identity. To create a global dialogue and promote better understanding between cultures the filmmakers have agreed to show the films online for free. MUBI and the DCIFF are proud to bring these vital and necessary films to our global audience.

Vote for your favorite films below by clicking Become a Fan. The film with the most votes during the official film festival run will receive the Audience Award and a $5,000.00 prize!

Get involved! The festival wants you to participate in the dialogue by entering the short film competition. There is a $3,000.00 prize for the most popular film that best captures the festival’s themes in a creative and vibrant way. http://mubi.com/garage/projects/43


Dialogue of Cultures International Film Festival

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More Event Info (http://dciff.net/)
Globally available online at http://mubi.com/programs/dialogue-of-cultures-international-film-festival Save event for more information and special offers
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