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Celebs and sports greats play a friendly game of flag football

Editor Pick
Editor Pick

Celebrities, models and star athletes go head-to-head for a friendly game of flag football at this annual Super Bowl event organized by DirecTV. Known as the Beach Bowl, this game is played on more than a million pounds of freshly poured sand. Among those slated to appear include Tracy Morgan, Tom Arnold, Chace Crawford, Joe Montana, Deion Sanders and Jon Ritchie of the Oakland Raiders. Issac Slade of The Fray stops in to sing the national anthem, Food Network’s Andrew Zimmerman serves up the halftime show, and Paramore performs at the closing ceremonies. A tailgate kicks things off at 10am, and we suggest getting their early, as this freebie is first come, first serve.

Mindy Bond Editor
Small_5c1cb2d663c9d3af9ed90252aa2a999e Danielle Magee

DirecTV goes all out when throwing their DirecTV Beach Bowl Party. In anticipation of the Super Bowl, the environment for the Beach Bowl is artificially created by hauling in sand by the tons. The sand is then used to create the playing field for DirecTV's Celebrity Flag Football tournament. An array of celebrities are chosen, and teamed up, to compete against each other for the coveted title of Beach Bowl Champion. The DirecTV Beach Bowl event is broadcasted on national television and creates quite the stir amongst its viewers. What better way to spend the day in the sun than by watching the Celebrity Flag Football tournament, hosted by DirecTV, at their infamous Beach Bowl event. Paramore will perform following the game.

DirecTV Beach Bowl

Saturday, February 1 10am

Pier 40 (353 West St, 10014) Map it Free

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