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A group exhibition focusing on various forms of printmaking feat. Swoon, Tim Harrington & many more

Cinders Gallery and FLA Present:


May 25th - June 9th 2013

Opening Saturday May 25th 6 - 10pm

26-15 Jackson Ave. Long Island City, NY

Swoon, Elisita Punto, Maya Hayuk, Xander Marro, Taylor McKimens, Micah Daw, Anders Nilsen, Sto Len, Frederic Fleury, Leif Goldberg, Rob Doran, Jungil Hong, Brian Chippendale, Conrad Carlson, Megan Whitmarsh, Morgan Blair, Dessarae Bassil, John Orth, Dave Kinsey, Edie Fake, Langdon Graves, Chris Duncan, Jim Houser, Mike Taylor, Mark Todd, Esther Pearl Watson, Matt Furie, James Moore, Michael Velliquette, Jesse Ledoux, Kelie Bowman, Stephanie Hutin, Aidan Koch, Florencio Zavala, Alexis Anne Mackenzie, Allyson Mellberg, Jeremy Taylor, Brian Willmont, Anna Hellsgard, Christian Gfeller, Suzy Poling, Mark Cross, Eli Lehrhoff, Albert Reyes, Andrew Guenther, Andrew Jeffrey Wright, Ron Rege, Karl LaRocca, Sammy Harkam, Tim Harrington, Rachel Nelson, Erik Zajaceskowski, Ian Vanek, Alex Lukas, Monica Canilao, Le Dernier Cri

These days we are consuming an overwhelming amount of images through a computer or cellphone screen. Reality is becoming digitized as our experience with the world at large is increasingly filtered through technology. It is all starting to sound like any dystopic sci-fi novel about the future that you read as a teenager.

We here at Cinders want to remind you to get away from the computer and check out a group of artists who are still getting dirty and making things.

Dirty Fingers is a large group exhibition focusing on various forms of printmaking which include silk-screening, etching, stenciling, stamp and woodblock printing. The immediacy and accessibility of printmaking creates a medium that can be produced in multiples and sold affordably. The process of hand-printing also adds the distinction of the human hand at work, revealing its slight imperfections and laborious effort in the final piece.

Join us for a showcase of our favorite printmakers from around the world.

Mindy Bond Editor

Dirty Fingers

May 25 – June 9, 2013

Cinders Gallery (26-15 Jackson Ave, Long Island City, Queens, NY) Map it Free

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