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A traditional Europen Krampus run meets a traditional LA Art Walk. Treats, photo-ops, and switches.

Picture?width=50&height=50 Al Ridenour

Long before Coca-Cola perfected the fat, jolly, red-clad version of Santa Claus sometime in the 1930s, the cast of pop-culture Christmas icons featured a tall, austere St. Nicholas and his evil counterpart, Krampus the Christmas demon. Being naughty or nice determined which one you'd get a visit from around Christmas. Perhaps it's because Krampus was so terrifying, or maybe it's because he just didn't have the same marketing appeal as the rosy-cheeked Santa of today. For whatever reason, Krampus has almost become a casualty of hidden history, but not this year, thanks to a troupe that's dedicated to keeping the memory of creepy ol' Krampus alive. Part of the Downtown Art Walk on December 12, the Krampus Run is the brainchild of Al Guerrero and Al Ridenour, founder of such fringe subcultures as the LA Cacophony Society and the Art of Bleeding.

- Tanja M. Laden, Flavorpill

Downtown Art Walk w/ Krampus LA

Thursday, December 12, 2013 7pm


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