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iPhone and iPad coding sessions, workshops, and demos #bkiosmeetup

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Hi all,
This month's agenda is stocked with great tips & tools! It's a perfect night for newer developers to join the mix.

We can't wait to see you all there :)

Venkat Rao (@venkatrao)
Come learn the basics of adopting Auto Layout in your apps. Understand how to use Auto Layout to quickly support different orientations, screen sizes and other screen metrics.

The EDesign Lab Team (@edesignlabsorg)
EDesign Lab ("ED-design") is a collaborative of teachers, technologists, and design facilitators working to co-imagine and prototype examples of what interactive digital learning experiences can look like.

Hsing Wei will tell the story of EDesign Lab and introduce the teams behind Reading Robot and Breadcrumbs. They'll share how the technical choices behind these apps were made, & how they evolved.

The team will share a wishlist for future development, and ideas for how developers can contribute to, or build on EDesign concepts.

EDesign Lab Innovations, & Auto Layout Back-to-Basics

Wednesday, October 16, 2013 6:30pm

Huge (45 Main St #220, Brooklyn, NY) Map it Free

  • 735c8d2357b7bd77b334e2c9a200bdf3?s=50
735c8d2357b7bd77b334e2c9a200bdf3?s=50 Added By Stela T.
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