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The East Bay's favorite dive bar celebrates its 5-year anniversary and the opening of Creole Kitchen

Editor Pick
Editor Pick

There will be bands! There will be half-priced drinks and greasy food! There will probably be at least one crusty dude named Spit or Rat or Pus or something of that sort with lighter caps ringing his shitty hat, showing you how to turn your Bic into a kinda neat explosive! The East Bay's favorite dive bar that is also a venue that is also a tattoo parlor that is also a record label that is also a great place to stuff yourself with comfort food, is celebrating both its five-year anniversary and the grand opening of the New Couyon Creole Kitchen.

Bonnie Chan Editor

Eli's Mile High Club 5th Anniversary Party

Saturday, September 7, 2013 6pm – 12:30am

Eli's Mile High Club (3629 Martin Luther King Junior Way, Oakland, CA) Map it

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