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For those that enjoy their poetry with a side of erotic.

Performing Arts

Erotic Poetry Readings - An Event Presented by OneTaste Las Vegas

Picture?width=50&height=50 Rosa McGill

OneTaste Las Vegas presents an evening of sensual spoken word by some well-known Las Vegas poets and new faces.

This night of passion and prose will explore highly charged erotic and emotional experiences.

You are invited in as these performers share intimate reflections on life, love, sex, and orgasm.

No cost to attend. Everyone 18+ welcome.

Directions:The event will be held at Urban Lofts, 1170 E. Carson Ave, Las Vegas, 89101 (between 11th and Maryland Parkway). You can park in the lot behind the Lofts, in front of the blue wall. Use the entrance to the lofts closer to Maryland, the numbers of the Lofts are above the garages, 1170 is the second from the back on the left side. Call 702 756 2433 (before 8pm start time) if you have trouble finding us. Please arrive 15 minutes early, we will do our best to start on time.


James Shahan
If ever there were a name to come up when talking about a best kept secret, it would be James'. After self-releasing his debut album, Selfish Bastard, last year, he landed spots on the websites of Mishka, Okayplayer, and VICE magazine- all with no outside help. And if that doesn't impress you, then his passion for lyrics (which landed him on the 2011 Las Vegas Slam Team) surely will.

Adam Maldonado
Transient Taoist hip hop road philosophy is a genre that this country has needed for a long time, and with Adam Maldonado, this movement now has its visionary... So long as he takes a break from eating chocolate chip cookies, flying kites, blowing bubbles and all his other passions long enough to jot down some ideas. From Shakespeare's soliloquies, to the destruction of the heart and idolization of the ego, his topics span the gamut of human experience.

Mick AxelrodMick
Axelrod is a locally-based poet, actor, and playwright. His original play, a "Shakespearean Verse Tragedy" entitled "For the Joy of the Sting" world-premeried at Las Vegas Little Theatre in February of 2013 and saw a second production in March 2013 at the Onyx Theatre, both of which he also produced, directed, and acted in. His poetry has been published by Naked Snake Press.

Kimba Listic
Inspired by real life experiences, Reality Rhymes by Kimba Listic are masterfully crafted literary works with massive appeal founded in her native beatnik style and on emulating the late, great Dr. Seuss. Completely out of the ordinary, Kimba Listic will bring you along on a sexual escapade guaranteed to “Turn it On."

Michelle Wright
Michelle has been coaching and teaching with OneTaste for two years. She has a BA in Fine Arts and Human Development from the University of Rhode Island and previously taught a fine arts summer program. In addition to her art, she has studied and worked as a Thai Massage Therapist and Cook. In her poetry and in her work as an Orgasmic Meditation teacher and trainer, she is passionate about turning people's light on.

Robert Bakhshai
A recent Vegas transplant from Austin, Robert teaches improv and has grown up on a stage of some kind. His background includes acting, directing and producing short films. A new face in the poetry world, he is excited to make his debut. He enjoys short walks on the beach and the supernatural.

Sara Gabriella
A lifetime of writing and 10 years of performing her poetry on stage has culminated in Sara Gabriella's first spoken word album. She has acted onstage and on camera and currently has a TV show in development that brings the best in Vegas Arts, Entertainment and Social Good to the small screen.

Yia Vang
Yia is a Lead OM Instructor, Faculty Coach, OM Trainer at OneTaste. She recently relocated to Las Vegas from San Francisco. She studied Communication at UC Davis. She has been writing and performing her Erotic Poetry for over 5 years, she started the website http://loveletterstomypussy.com where women share and define what it means to be a woman.

- http://www.meetup.com/OneTasteLV/

Erotic Poetry Readings - An Event Presented by OneTaste Las Vegas

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