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The Worlds first Eco Porn Nonprofit whose deep philosophy of freedom and Earth is backed up...way...

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F*ck For Forest is the Worlds first Eco Porn Nonprofit whose philosophy is as much about freedom and embracing our fundamental nature as it is about being a hippie, love, porn site raising money for the Rain Forest and more. It is unabashed, wild forest love for all. Their blatant honesty about their goals, and even their own naivete, lends an important self awareness to their website. The documentary is well made and causing International debate on whether FFF is just sex-crazed hippies or a rediscovery of modern pagan beauty to fend off a warring, anti-depressant culture. It is worth noting the rollicking website lambasts the filmmaker for being a fame seeking manipulator who missed the point of their organization. It remains a compelling doc, even with the occasional bouts of juvenile sexuality. The FFF website continues where the film leaves off with the ideology and arousal, not only in the loins, but of freedom and true nature, outside and inside. FFF has garnered a lot of news coverage, arrests and court proceedings through their spirited activism. It is notable that neither the documentary nor the website has any mention of the possible results of all this randy behavior...(offspring, diapers and soccer practice!). In any case, If you are very inspired, and wish to do your bit for the FFF movement, you can add to the website, photos or video of your own tree-hugging...etc.

- Kenneth Hughes

F*ck For Forest Documentary

Sunday, December 15, 2013 7pm

Billy Wilder Theater (10899 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90024) Map it Free

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