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Have high-quality fresh organic groceries from local farms & artisans brought directly to your door!


FarmBox LA

http://www.farmboxla.com/home.php (Online) Map it $52
Editor Pick
Editor Pick

FarmBox LA is a service that brings high-quality fresh organic groceries from local farms directly to your door. It’s similar to a CSA, but even better: there’s a greater variety to choose from as they work with multiple local farmers, and you can opt for add-ons like gourmet bread, hummus, and grass-fed butter from local artisanal food makers. A variety of boxes are offered for different tastes and diet regimens. Among the choices are Vegetable Only, Fruit Only, Juicing, Paleo Crossfit, No Cooking, the new Beauty FarmBox, and "The Complete," which offers extras like crusty Rockenwagner bread, cheese from Central Coast Creamery, eggs, and fresh nuts. You’ll receive around 5 or 6 vegetables, 5 or 6 fruits, salad greens, and herbs in your customizable box, along with a newsletter filled with recipes corresponding to your particular delivery. Each box forms the foundation of your week’s groceries while getting you out of any possible food-buying rut with less predictable choices like purple carrots, cherimoya, broccoflower, and chioggia beets. Perhaps best of all, you’re saving time while making it easier to eat and cook with fresher, more healthful ingredients.

Karin E. Baker, Editor

FarmBox LA

http://www.farmboxla.com/home.php (Online) Map it $52
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More Event Info (http://www.farmboxla.com/)
Farm boxes begin at $52 Save event for more information and special offers
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