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Small_5eea72e3563737c84d9a11bbde08bdb1 Union Hall

Union Hall is a 5,000 square foot bar, restaurant and live music venue in the heart of Park Slope, Brooklyn.

Tickets: http://www.unionhallny.com/event/383267-fast-romantics-wilsen-modern-brooklyn/

Fast Romantics
For Fast Romantics, it has been four years of adventuring their way through the backcountry of Canadian indie-rock, often attempting to straddle that hazy intersection at the corner of rock n' roll and pop.

Now, with their second full-length album 'Afterlife Blues,' it sounds as though they have -- quite confidently -- found their way home.

While Fast Romantics' earlier work prompted comparisons to Elvis Costello and Blur, 'Afterlife Blues' carves a bit of a different path right through the great cities of American music. From New Jersey to Detroit, and then cutting down through the heartland, they have somehow managed to combine all of these sounds without selling their distinctly Canadian souls.

Influenced by the likes of Austra, Nick Drake and Cat Power, New York-based Wilsen blend contemporary folk songs with ethereal, electric arrangements to create a full intricate sound tagged "dream folk".

Wilsen self-released their debut mini-album 'Sirens' in the summer of 2012. Their debut single 'Anahita' was released in February 2013

Modern Merchant
The haunting melodies and pulse-like rhythms of Brooklyn-based (by way of Connecticut) indie band Modern Merchant will get you a bit dazed and glassy-eyed. Layered harmonies, dynamic shifts, and a lo-fi approach yield a retro vibe.

Having crossed paths in the New Haven music scene, Stanford and Parson established Modern Merchant, bringing in Weiss and Skaggs after a move to Brooklyn.

The band recently recorded a session with Daytrotter.com, around which their first tour was booked. The tour included stops in Chicago, DC, Northampton and Providence, ending at the Mercury Lounge in New York City.

Their upcoming EP "For the Fields" will be self-released in spring 2013.

They have shared the stage with Islands, Young Man, Buxton, Hospitality, Asobi Seksu, SUNBEARS!, The Mastersons and Mice Parade.

- http://www.unionhallny.com


Friday, November 15, 2013 9pm

Union Hall (702 Union Street, Brooklyn, NY 11215) Map it $10

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