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Celebrate Lupercalia and the girls of French Yé-Yé pop at this Feral House Publishing event.

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The Lupercalia was one of the most ancient Roman festivals, which was celebrated every year in honour of Lupercus, the god of fertility. The festival was held on the 15th of February in the Lupercal, where Romulus and Remus were said to have been nurtured by the she-wolf.

Celebrate Lupercalia AND the girls of French Yé-Yé pop at this Feral House event featuring the release of Yé-Yé Girls of ‘60s French Pop by Jean-Emmanuel Deluxe, plus Feral House and Process Media authors Maja D’Aoust (speaking on Lupercalia) and Adam Parfrey. DJ Kitten Sparkles will be spinning Yé-Yé music all through the event!

Yé-Yé is a delightful style of ‘60s pop music featuring young female singers that influenced France and many other countries.Yé-Yé pop had secondary explosions in the 1970s and 1990s in Japan and Europe through the likes of Lio (who provides this book’s foreword), and in the United States through singers like April March, whose Yé-Yé number “Chick Habit” was heard in the Quentin Tarantino film Death Proof.

Interest in Yé-Yé revived again recently during the fifth season of the mega-popular television series Mad Men, when Don Draper’s young, sexy wife sang the Yé-Yé number “Zou Bisou Bisou,” originally made famous in the 1960s by blonde actress Gillian Hills.

This collection by French pop music expert Jean-Emmanuel Deluxe includes many interviews with the original singers and producers, visual excerpts of record covers, both 45s and LPs, and remarkable excerpts from a children’s fan diary of the period.

Feral Lupercalia Event featuring Yé-Yé Girls

Saturday, February 15 7pm

La Luz de Jesus (4633 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA) Map it Free

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