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A festival showcasing the work of a new generation of choreographers and performance makers

Festival TBD is a new amorphous framework conceived by Thomas Benjamin Snapp Pryor as a series of loosely related curatorial endeavors, each with their own structure and context. Emergency Glitter is the first Festival TBD, created to support a new generation of choreographers and performance makers.

Emergency Glitter is about joy and fun and play. It is sex in the summertime. It is “no T no shade” getting blonder and blonder. It is contemporary performance’s obsession with pop cultural phenomenology. It is feminist ideologies grappling with and dismantling circumstances of objectification. It is the inherent queerness, hope and sadness in dance. It is exploring the in-between and the uncomfortable. It is blurring the lines. It is a romance with the audience. It is explorations in performativity. It is breaking like a wounded heart. It is sweaty bodies moving because that’s all that makes sense. It is transcendence from the ordinary. It is a practice of intervention. It is between representation and experience. It is beach time sunsets. It is butt cheeks and twerking. It is spectacle and excess. It is drinks and snacks in the garden. It is grappling with our non-institution-ality-ism. It is the ecstatic, somatic body and a charged presence with a return to capital D – Dance. It is a coming together of similarly minded artists taking a stab at something new. It is the right time to shine.

Bring an open mind, a generous spirit, a tank top and a fantasy. If you are in trouble put some glitter. Dance the night away. Glitter never rests.

Mindy Bond Editor

Festival TBD: Emergency Glitter

July 24 – 28, 2013

Abrons Arts Center (466 Grand Street, New York, NY) Map it $15

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