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Two person show featuring the artists Lawrence McAdams and Sara Scribner.

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Exhibition Dates: July 30th-August 31st, 2013; Opening Reception: Thursday August 8th, 5:30-7:30pm

Sandra Lee Gallery proudly presents a two person show featuring the artists Lawrence McAdams and Sara Scribner. Both McAdams and Scribner tell evocative stories using an interplay of naturalistic figures alongside symbolic imagery. This combination of the real and surreal allow for a depth of narrative while maintaining accessibility for the viewer. Their female subjects live in and among places and objects which become allegories for culture, society, and life.

Lawrence McAdams' oil paintings reveal the complexities of life. His images are mysterious and suspenseful in tone, seducing and intriguing the viewer. Though his painting technique is impeccably realistic in form, the hazey quality of the lighting, surreal mood, and cropped composition give each moment a dreamlike sense of time and space. Each careful selection and inclusion of an object within the scene speaks to the unfolding story of this character. An empty glass, a scribbled note, become heavy with metaphors for the adventure, battles, and beauty of life.

Sara Scribner employs a similar coyness in her oil paintings. She balances a subtle combination of stark realism with a touch of the fantastic, incorporating flora, fauna, and other similarly allegorical objects alongside her female figures. Each subject is imparted with an emotion or sentiment which is manifested and reflected in her chosen object. These accompanying symbols, often represented as a flower, bird, or insect, transform a simple portrait into poetry.


Presented by Sandra Lee Gallery.

Figure and Figures, Lawrence McAdams and Sara Scribner

Thursday, August 8, 2013 5:30pm

Sandra Lee Gallery (251 Post Street Suite 310 San Francisco, CA 94108 ) Map it Free

  • 5487d57c14eed295e36abba87668d7f9?s=50
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5487d57c14eed295e36abba87668d7f9?s=50 Added By Nancy Tubbs
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