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Beautifully weird electronic music from producer James Hinton

Editor Pick
Editor Pick

The debut release from The Range, the moniker of Providence, Rhode Island’s James Hinton, plays like a soundtrack for the internet generation, the under 30s who’ve grown up with nearly every genre and era of music at their fingertips to draw inspiration from, and the tools to make their musical visions come to fruition without having to leave the bedroom. Voted Best New Music by Pitchfork, “Nonfiction” is a journey through Hinton’s 25 year old brain, drawing from R&B, 90’s house, glitch and grime, The Range sounds almost like a linear Lucky Dragons, a meditative exploration of samples and sounds that comes together in an unexpected tapestry.

Cooper Berkmoyer Editor

(((FolkYEAH!))) presents The Range at The Chapel

Saturday, December 21, 2013 9pm

The Chapel (777 Valencia Street, San Francisco, CA) Map it $12

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