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Dr. Ed Lu speaks about the preventative measures being taken to prepare for a world-killing asteroid

Editor Pick
Editor Pick

Oh God, we’re all gonna die! Well, one day, but hopefully not because a small celestial body has passed through our atmosphere and wiped out all life on planet Earth. Thankfully, such a scenario is not necessarily inevitable, at least for the foreseeable future, and who better to speak on the measures being taken to prevent such a catastrophe than a man who has actually been to outer space. Former NASA Astronaut and CEO of the B612 Foundation Dr. Ed Lu speaks at the Commonwealth Club Office about the science behind stopping such a world-killing asteroid before it strikes, including his own company’s efforts to launch the first privately funded deep space mission.

Cooper Berkmoyer Editor

Former NASA Astronaut Dr. Ed Lu at The Commonwealth Club

Tuesday, January 14 6pm

The Commonwealth Club of California (595 Market St. (2nd floor) (@ Second St.); San Francisco, CA) Map it $20

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