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Performing Arts

An intimate, in-gallery dance performance

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Complementing the exhibition From X to Why: A Museum Takes Shape, choreographers Meena Murugesan, Laurel Tentindo, and Chankethya Chey present an intimate, in-gallery performance. The exhibition focuses on the earliest collections of the Fowler Museum, and the performance evokes a dynamic conversation between the dancers and the lives of those objects, as gestures are passed from object to performer to another performer, activating the gallery with an expressive and original museum experience.

- http://www.fowler.ucla.edu/events/fowler-out-loud-x-why-interpreting-art-motion

Fowler Out Loud: From X to Why: Interpreting Art in Motion

Thursday, January 30 6pm

Fowler Museum at UCLA (North Campus of UCLA) Map it Free

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6c48e827425e348781d1a6e053b97f1a?s=50 Added By Stacey Abarbanel
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