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A heavy metal band made entirely of robots rock out in Union Square

1dc772377bc4bfba3dfbbf96f5e1c715?s=50 Carley Barton

Robots playing heavy metal music - hell yeah! GE celebrates its Brilliant Machines campaign with a Compressorhead, a heavy metal band made entirely of robots. You've got Stickboy on drums, bones on bass, and Fingers playing lead guitar (we really hope that at least one has Lemmy's wart). All built out of scrap metal with movement made possible by electro phematics and music controlled via Midi. Topped off with free wifi and charging stations, this will be an electrifying event all around. It's a free concert so go and get your metal on.

- Matt Dorville, Flavorpill

GE presents Brilliant Machines Rock ft. Compressorhead

Tuesday, November 12, 2013 1pm

Union Square (17th Street and Broadway) Map it Free

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1dc772377bc4bfba3dfbbf96f5e1c715?s=50 Added By Carley Barton