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Critically acclaimed authors discuss their influences and the fantastical possibilities of fiction

Editor Pick
Editor Pick

Critically acclaimed authors of short stories George Saunders and Karen Russell discuss their influences and the fantastical possibilities of fiction. Saunders is a New York Times best-selling author of six novellas and collections, as well as frequent contributor to magazines and literary journals such as The New Yorker and McSweeny’s. Karen Russell, at only 32 years old, nearly (she was a finalist) won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction for her debut novel Swamplandia! Her latest, a collection of short stories entitled Vampires in the Lemon Grove, was published in 2013.

Cooper Berkmoyer Editor

George Saunders & Karen Russell at JCCSF

Thursday, January 16 7pm

JCCSF (3200 California Street, San Francisco, CA) Map it $30

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