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Small_530fd71611bda2a9f0464c0b5c24aa61 twigg von wünderkind

glamdammit celebrates nine years of fist-pumping rock ‘n’ roll, punk anthems, and glittery glam-rock along with live performances and a cavalcade of stars

michael t and the vanities tribute to roxy music, david bowie, and t.rex 1am

baby shakes 12am

the flies 11pm

late-nite set by breedlove

hosted by astro erle and birdy black

dj sets by twig the wonderkid and james david

"wired-up : glam, proto-punk, and bubblegum" book giveaway

pabst blue ribbon open bar 11pm to midnite

more info glamdammit.com

five-dollar admission

saturday october 5th @ 11pm 21+id

the grand victory 245 grand and roebling st brooklyn new york

- twig the wonderkid

glamdammit : nine-year anniversary

Saturday, October 5, 2013 11pm

The Grand Victory (245 Grand Street, Brooklyn, NY) Map it $5

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