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Go BANG! SAT/NOV/2 :: I-BEAM TRIBUTE with Steve Fabus & Lester Temple! + Kenneth Kemp + Sergio Fedasz's Tribute To Loleatta Holloway! Atomic Dancefloor DISCO Action!

The Stud (399 9th St. & Harrison St.) Map it $7
Small_11d288f0d400825b033b5223abaafc59 Sergio Fedasz

Steve Fabus & Lester Temple used to DJ together at The I-Beam. We're paying tribute to one of San Francisco's legendary discotheques at this month's party!

Plus, Sergio Fedasz pays tribute to his favorite Disco Diva :: Loleatta Holloway :: on her birthday weekend. R.I.P. Loleatta. (November 5, 1946 – March 21, 2011)

Atomic Dancefloor Disco Action!
SATURDAY November 2, 2013
*1st Saturday Of The Month!*
THE STUD / 399 9th St. & Harrison St.
9P-3A | $7 | Free/Optional Admission Before 10P | 21+

Friends & Family, Queer-Mixed San FranDisco! Dress to Sweat!

*Special Guest :: LESTER TEMPLE http://www.facebook.com/lester.temple.5
*Special Guest :: KENNETH L. KEMP http://www.facebook.com/kenneth33rpm | http://soundcloud.com/kenneth33rpm

With Your Residents:
*STEVE FABUS http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1000016615
*SERGIO FEDASZ http://www.facebook.com/sergioaudio

*Photos by Cabure A Bonugli (Shot In the City) http://www.facebook.com/pages/Shot-In-The-City/225421338535
*Decoration Guru & Hypemaster General: GIO
*Hosted By: Pinky Maraschino
*Coats By: Allen Craig

Flyer: http://www.gobangsf.com/GoBANG-front.jpg
Designed With Love By Robin Malone Simmons! HIRE HIM!

DRINK SPECIAL: $5 Skyy Flavored vodkas!


San Francisco has a diverse disco scene that often crosses over but not often enough! The goal of Go BANG! is to bring the crews and their devoted dancers together in a mixed, diverse, exciting environment, with a nod to the diversity and freedom of the 70's/80's San Francisco/New York/Chicago disco nightlife!

Disco freaks, art school boys & girls, drag queens & kings, boogie-heads, fierce dancers, flashy dressers, sexy girls, hot boys, DJs, dancers, photographers, artists, fashionistas; gay/straight/bi/tri/whateva! Bring your flashiest, trashiest, classiest, sexiest, craziest style; but bring an open mind, big smile, and shoes that will allow you to dance from opening to last call! We will start with fire and end with fire!

Taking inspiration from the classic Dinosaur L. song, "Go BANG!": http://soundcloud.com/synthetigers/dinosaur-l-go-bang-the
"I wanna see all my friends at once
I'll do anything to get a chance to
Goooo BANG!"


*Special Guest :: LESTER TEMPLE http://www.facebook.com/lester.temple.5
Lester says "My career of choice was and is radio. I've been a radio DJ, announcer, producer, writer and manager, and have been with CBS San Francisco for the last 20 years. In 1976, I took a break from radio and dived in to the San Francisco disco scene. Starting at Oil Can Harry's, where I was a resident with John Hedges, the owners moved up the street and opened up the fabulous Music Hall. With state of the art lighting and sound designed by Bruce Trondson, I was the resident DJ there for about a year. During that time, we presented many disco artists live, including a fabulous party starring Sylvester. It was during that residency I was awarded the Best San Francisco DJ award from Billboard Magazine. DJs then started to invite other DJs to do guest nights in their clubs. I played at Trocadero Transfer, Dreamland, The End Up, and settled into regular shifts and guest nights at The I-Beam in San Francisco's Haight/Ashbury. That was truly a magical time and club. It was huge, with a large dance floor, and a separate room with pool and gaming. Sound and lighting was designed by Randy Schiller, who still has an active sound company in San Francisco. Steve Fabus, Tim Rivers, and Michael Garrett were the residents, and I was excited every time I was asked to play there. In contrast to Trocadero, which leaned toward a spacey high energy sound, the I-Beam had a more soulful direction, much like Paradise Garage. On Wednesday nights, Brian Raffi and Alan Robinson would play dance rock. Many bands, such as Duran Duran, The Cure, and Siouxie and the Banshees made their live U.S. debut at the I-Beam and the night became a huge success. And the disco nights and the legendary Sunday afternoon tea dances continued to thrive. Many attempts were made to get an after hours license at the I-Beam, but being smack dab in the middle a residential neighborhood in the Haight, the neighbors fought it all the way. But during 9PM-2AM seven nights a week, and on Sunday afternoons, the I-Beam was a destination for dancers and music lovers from all over the world. After the club was eventually closed after many successful years, the building was torn down and now condominiums exist at the legendary location." He blew us all away when he played his first set in 15 years at a recent Go BANG!, and was the first guest to return so quickly to our Go BANG! decks, because he is THAT GREAT! Check out his second time that he BANG!ed us! https://soundcloud.com/go-bang/lester-temple-at-go-bang-march

*Special Guest :: KENNETH L. KEMP http://www.facebook.com/kenneth33rpm | http://soundcloud.com/kenneth33rpm
Kenneth grew up in Dallas, TX, with white-hot enthusiasm and grabby hands for anything music and film-related he could find from a very early age. Later, as a teenager, among other pursuits, he began to DJ, play in bands, and write and produce recordings. After years of cutting his teeth musically in Texas, he made the leap to the Bay and has continued here with the same fascination and celebration of anything with a good beat (disco, soul, funk, punk, glam, new wave, etc). Kenneth is thrilled to be back for a second BANG! and is deeply honored to have been asked to participate in this tribute to a legendary place and time in San Francisco dance music history.


Go BANG! on FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/GoBANGSF
*Pictures From Last Month by IYYA / Eye C Photgraphy: https://www.facebook.com/EyeC.Photography | https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151987039393385.1073741836.118319468384&type=1&l=3d02c7a3bb
Go BANG! Live Mixes: http://soundcloud.com/go-bang
Go BANG! Promo Video! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HbNvy0nEwq8
Go BANG! online: http://www.gobangsf.com
Flyer: http://www.gobangsf.com/GoBANG-front.jpg


**"Lost in the Night: Go BANG! Proves Disco Is Still Kicking" By Derek Opperman Nov. 28 2011 http://blogs.sfweekly.com/shookdown/2011/11/lost_in_the_night_go_bang_prov.php
**FABUS :: Faithfanzine Q&A by Richard Farrow Nov 2012 http://www.faithfanzine.com/?p=1662
**"Steve Fabus on the Liberated Early Days of SF Disco, and the Spirit of the Go Bang! Party" By Christina Li Nov. 25 2011 http://blogs.sfweekly.com/shookdown/2011/11/steve_fabus_on_dancing_with_th.php
**"SPECTRA: Events - Go BANG! San Francisco's favorite queerly mixed, disco party featuring rising DJ, Sergio Fedasz and the nationally acclaimed Steve Fabus, spinning the best in underground disco" By Taylor Moe Dec, 2011: http://vimeo.com/34258435
**Sergio of Go BANG!: The New Gay Interview By Bryan Garcia: http://thenewgay.net/2011/04/dj-sergio-of-go-bang.html
**"Official Pride disco party at Deco Lounge" By David Downs June 21, 2012: http://www.sfexaminer.com/entertainment/music/2012/06/official-pride-disco-party-deco-lounge



Sergio Fedasz at Go BANG! October 2013
Odyssey = Inside Out
The Impressions = Fan The Fire (Touchsoul Edit)
Donell Rush = Symphony (Brand New Heavies Edit)
Salsoul Orchestra & Loleatta Holloway = Seconds
Tata Vega = I Just Keep Thinking About You, Baby
Chuck Cissel = Possessed = The SyntheTigers Wonderful Feeling Edit STE 16 * 320kbps FREE DOWNLOAD! * https://soundcloud.com/synthetigers/chuck-cissel-possessed-the | http://www.facebook.com/SyntheTigers
Crown Heights Affair = You Gave me Love (Butch Le Butch Edit)
Loose Change = Straight From The Heart (Touchsoul Edit)
Candi Staton = When You Wake Up Tomorrow (Allen Craig Edit) https://soundcloud.com/allen-craig
Unlimited Touch = I Hear Music In The Streets
David Simmons = Holding Back = The SyntheTigers Remember Edit STE 17 * 320kbps FREE DOWNLOAD! * https://soundcloud.com/synthetigers/david-simmons-holding-back | http://www.facebook.com/SyntheTigers
Evelyn King = I Don't Know If It's Right (12" version)

Steve Fabus at Go BANG! October 2013
1. Sharon Redd = In the Name of Love
2. Don Ray = Gotta Have Lovin
3. Captain Obvious = Pancakes
4. Change = Paradise (Womack Re-Edit)
5. BumbleBee Unlimited = LadyBug
6. Samir Maslo = Let's Dance
7. War = Galaxy
8. Quentin Harris = Sick
9. Jimmy Bo Horne = Spank
10. Pigbag = Papa's Got a Brand New Pigbag = The SyntheTigers Reachin' Up Edit STE08 * 320kbps FREE DL * | http://soundcloud.com/synthetigers/pigbag-papas-got-a-brand-new | http://www.facebook.com/SyntheTigers

Steve Fabus & Sergio Fedasz at Go BANG! October 2013
Sandy Mercer = You Are My Love.
Gwen McCrae = Keep the Fire Burning
Crown Heights Affair = Use Your Body & Soul (Scratchandsniff Edit)
Crystal Waters = 100% Real Love
RuPaul = House of Love
Loose Joints = Is It All Over My Face?
DJ Spen pres. Forte - Fall Down On Me (Thommy Davis and DJ Spen Underground Boot Mix)
Eumir Deodato = Keep It In The Family (The SyntheTigers Full Circle Edit) STE10 * 320kbps FREE DL! * http://soundcloud.com/synthetigers/eumir-deodato-keep-it-in-the | http://www.facebook.com/SyntheTigers
Cerrone & Jocelyn Brown = You Are the One
Sister Sledge = Lost In Music (Remix)
Chaka Kahn = I Know You, I Live You
Five Special = Why Leave Us Alone?
George Duke = Shine On! (The SyntheTigers Shining Star Edit) STE18 * 320kbps FREE DOWNLOAD! * http://soundcloud.com/synthetigers/george-duke-shine-on-the | http://www.facebook.com/SyntheTigers
Syleena Johnson = Peace Pipe

Robin Simmons at Go BANG! October 2013
L.I.F.E // It Happens All The Time
Visual // The Music's Got Me
Neurotic Drum Band // You Got Me Dancin'
Nine Lives // 1985 (Casio Social Club Mix)
Inner Life // Moment of My Life (Shep Pettibone Mix)
Midnight Magic // I Found Love (Dimitri From Paris Erodiscodub)
Chic // Chic Mystique
Stetsasonic // Talking All That Jazz (Dimitri From Paris Mix)
Parallel Dance Ensemble // Turtle Pizza Cadillac (Yamwho Remix)
Disko Knights // Right There
Hugh Masekela // Don't Go Lose It Baby
Joe Smooth // Going Down
D Train // You're The one For Me (Francois K Mix)
The Cyclist // Shine on (Drop Out Orchestra Mix)
Timmy Vegas // Get Yourself Together
Sharon Brown // I Specialize In Love
Stephanie Mills // Put Your Body In It
Was (Not Was) // Tell Me That I'm Dreamin
Deadly Sins // I Don't Know ( Roller Boogie Mix)
Jkriv & The Machine // Ready to Work
Urban Blues Project feat Mother of Pearl // Your Heaven (I can feel it)

Allen Craig at Go BANG! October 2013
(All Songs Edited By Allen Craig)
Ashford & Simpson - Found A Cure
Dan Hartman - Instant Replay
France Joli - Come To Me http://soundcloud.com/allen-craig/france-joli-come-to-me-acs-you
Erotic Drum Band - Action '78
Divine - Native Love
Pet Shop Boys - That's My Impression
Pet Shop Boys - Heart
Donna Summer - With Your Love
Viola Wills - If You Could Read My Mind
Cher - Take Me Home
Kool And The Gang - Open Sesame
Diva Gay & Oyster - Up And Down
Wham - Enjoy What You Do (Wham Rap)
Bauhaus - Kick In The Eye
Gibson Brothers - Cuba
The Uptown Girls - (I Know) I'm Losing You

Go BANG! SAT/NOV/2 :: I-BEAM TRIBUTE with Steve Fabus & Lester Temple! + Kenneth Kemp + Sergio Fedasz's Tribute To Loleatta Holloway! Atomic Dancefloor DISCO Action!

The Stud (399 9th St. & Harrison St.) Map it $7
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More Event Info (https://www.facebook.com/events/736866736329793)
Small_11d288f0d400825b033b5223abaafc59 Added By Sergio Fedasz
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